Frequently asked questions
Q. Is there an annual fee to pay? No. The practice works on a fee for service basis and you are charged for consultations, visits and medication, as and when they are accessed. Q. Can I receive my medication from the practice on the Health Service? No. If you see a doctor privately, he is not allowed to supply you with medication on the Health Service, even if you have an exemption. Q. Are private prescriptions very expensive? Usually not. To keep costs down, the doctors buy in medication and dispense them privately to the patients. The costs depend on the prices at which the doctors can obtain them. Some medication is ex pensive, but the majority is often cheaper than the prescription charge and you do not need to find a chemist. Q. What if I am ill in the middle of the night or at weekend?  The practice has a 24-hour number and out of hours, this is through to the doctor on call which will be either  Dr Gould or Dr Al-Timman. We do not use locums or deputising services. A single telephone call will get you  medical advice or a visit as required. Q. What does it cost?  The prices of consultations are dependent on time taken and on service provided.  Appointments are at 15 minute intervals and are from £65.  Open surgery consultations are from £60. You may have to wait but you are guaranteed to be seen.  Home visits depend on the time of day, distance and time. Prices start from £85.